How To Use - Ableton Live Intro - Intermediate / 380

Following on from our 'Make Music With Ableton Live 8 Intro' course we take things a little deeper, showing you how to make use of multiple Audio & MIDI FX to add lots of variety to your mix.

We also take a look at Filters, Panning and how to manipulate and twist vocal tracks in both with session and arrangement views to gear you up for future tutorials!

So those of you staring blankly at the screen after jumping from our Beginners course to our How To Make courses can now rejoice, as we fill in the blanks in our Making Music With Ableton Live 8 Intro Intermediate offering.


If you had to label this song, what genre would you think it should be? It seems almost like minimal techhouse, but i am not sure how accurate that is.


I found Tutorial 2 on Filter didn't really explain in much detail why you would want to cut out certain frequencies. It didn't mention anything about headroom or competing frequencies.

this is first time we touch on Filters - it is just showing you how a filter works and what it does.


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Im Trying To download the resource zip, but Google Chrome is blocking it, saying it can be dangerous. This is a first. Can someone give me more info.

Hey @laudyh1

There’s absolutely no problems with the download & their content on the site, just ignore that Chrome warning and go ahead with your download, content is 100% safe, no worries :slight_smile:

Those Web Browser warnings or sometime anti-virus ones will occur from time to time depending of your settings but there’s really nothing to worry about.

Cheers !

This Course Was Very Informative, Thank You Very Much. I also Had Success with the course download

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