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Ableton Push 2 with P-LASK

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Recently got yourself a Push 2 or thinking of getting one? Well, we’ve got you covered with an all-new course as we welcome back Certified Ableton Instructor P-LASK for a detailed look at how to get to grips with this awesome piece of hardware.

From setting up your Push 2 for the first time to programming drums and melodies P-LASK shows us the different layouts and options available when navigating around the Push 2. We check out how the note and scale system works along with the step sequencer, how to slice audio, automating parameters, creating scenes and arrangement.

This easy-to-follow course will get you up and running in no time so you can unleash your Push 2’s creative potential, and whether you’re producing or playing out live this is one all Push 2 users should check out!

Instantly the best Push 2 tutorial on the internet.

This is a fantastic Push 2 course! It’s well thought out, excellently presented, and very informative. Paul (P-LASK) is a great teacher - his explanation of the step sequencer and the various input modes was an eye opener for me. Highly recommended!

Push tutorial needed an update, good one, thank you for listening to your community

The course is amazing, super useful!

Sorry going going against the grain. Little do I know of push, I could still see things left out. Like horizontal mode in scales, plus others.
As for annoying synth sound, that cuts out your voice at times and distracts from the learning, like when programming a base line, can’t hear the bass for the hi pitch synth sound. Would of been great to solo the bass, whilst creating. Tbh I thought I’d learn a lot more, I found most of what you taught on YouTube for free. Sorry if I seem harsh, just being honest.

Great Course - Well Pitched

Brilliant overview into the power of Push explaining in great detail the massive benefits to workflow and arrangement and achieving amazing drum patterns that would be near impossible using a piano roll. Well worth checking out P-LASK’s other courses.

Very well taught and clear. It’s very basic, as it doesn’t cover enough of what the push can do.

great course, but I’m missing the samples and project to follow along. Would be great if these could be downloaded as in the Ableton for beginners 1 & 2 course.

Great course. Very clear.

Love the course.

Very well taught, and a great introduction to the Push 2. It would be cool to see a course on creative uses with the Push 2, but I feel like this course covered everything the manual covers so it’s definitely nice to see it in action.

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Excuse my French but the Push is soo F**king good, got mine yesterday & after watching this course I’m blown away but what this thing can do. Looking forward to seeing what I can create in the future. Props to P-Lask also really clear & concise tut as always.

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Brilliant course! Quick question from me: When I tap the Layout button on push to switch to velocity and then I actually use the pads to change a few velocities, the clip in Ableton 11 instantly switches to automation mode and the view gets greyed out. Any ideas why that is? Thanks so much!

No idea TBH, I tried to replicate this but not getting this behavior at my end I’m afraid.

Could help to test in a new empty project to see if it’s a common behavior inside Live or something project specific and automation you may have already set.

Thanks for letting me know and giving it a go! Will try what you suggest and troubleshoot! :smirk:

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Thanks for the very clear explanation.

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment & feedback ! :sunglasses: