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Alchemy with Paolo Mojo

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Sonic Academy presents your essential guide on ‘How To Use Alchemy with Paolo Mojo’ Welcoming newcomer, Paolo expertly takes us through this deep, deep synth - capable of creating and inspiring almost any sound.

Alchemy is a powerful sample manipulation synthesizer. Here we learn how to quickly find and shape sounds from the massive Alchemy library (3000 presets anyone!) or create your own with a choice of synthesis engines and advanced morphing tools.

Putting it through its paces we dive deep into the analog-modelled filters, multiple modulation sources, an integrated arpeggiator and talk about what the different synths engines do and how to use them

Hi Palio
Great tutorial. Love it really helped my get to grips with alchemy


Amazing plug in.

Great course - thanks.

big up homie i always over looked alchemy until now


Finally , a good alchemy tutorial

simply one of the best courses :wink:

Brilliant course. Very informative.

I like it

Seems great!

Looks cool

I love this synth


This Synth is a Swiss Knife.

Paolo your voice is so soothing, you should do voiceovers for meditation apps or something :smiley:

Srsly, tho I’m only 4 vids in so far and this is great! Very clear and detailed breakdown, I feel like I had this little diamond sitting on my HD all this time that I’ve been sadly ignoring. Time to go make a ring :slight_smile:

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