How To Use - ANA 1.5 Sound Design / 336

the same idea - you want to change your automation lane on the MIDI clip from its default of “Velocity” to “Channel Pitch”

Im also having problems with this when I click the pitch bend or filter cut off in ANA does it it not show up automatically in ableton automation? Its not working for me no automation lane showing up on arrange view or the picture above. Ive tried recording automation in still no automation lane showing in live?

Ok I figured out how to use automation lanes in Ableton for anyone still needing to know.

Open an instance of ANA

At the bottom left you will see the plugin when you place it on that channel. (Double click the channel you will see it bottom left)

look at the yellow power button (Device on - Device Of) Next to this there is an arrow pointing downwards click it.

This will open it up, you will now see a button that says (Configure)

Click It, It will turn green and open the plugin.

Click on whichever parameter you would like to automate for example click cut of or pitchbend, this will make it show up in your automation lane.

Once you have chosen which parameters you would like to configure click the green configure button again and they will show in the drop down menu so you can automate in arrange view.

Hope this helps!

Amazing Synth to say the least I thought ANA was terrible because I’ve been used to Sylenth but this is EPIC! Any more videos like this? Would love more detail on that G envelope and more in depth. Phil loved what you created at the very end the computer game type sound using the G Envelope appsolutely lush sound! More videos like this :slight_smile:

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Use the MIDI pitch - it’s the MIDI channel as opposed to an automation channel in ANA

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mu buen tutorial aprendi mucho es realmente muy bueno gracias Sonuc academy

Great Plug In i love it

Would love to be able to download this… Don’t have internet in the studio… :frowning:

Great job guys, this is really nice and useful!

Is there a more indepth video about the Chord Hold feature of ANA?


excellent introductions, thanks


I don’t think there’s ever been a plug-in as essential, versatile and beginner-friendly as ANA. I use its classic sounds rather frequently in my music, as I’m sure does many other producers.


This course is very helpful for learning how to use ANA.

Awesome stuff.

I’d like to see a comparison with sound design in ANA 1.5 and 2

Very clear overview! I’m about to buy ANA2 right now!

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