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ANA 1.5 Sound Design

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Chris Agnelli and Phil Johnston take an in-depth look at Sound Design in ANA V1.5... Taking you from the fundamentals of creating basses and plucks to more complicated functions, creating some big leads and amazing pad sounds.

Be sure to check out the Kick Synthesis video at the end for some seriously massive kick sounds.



Yes!!! This was exactly what I was hoping desperately for! Now ANA *really* has a clear reason for existing. Thank you very much, guys!

Nice laid back tut. I will invest in ANA end of the month.

got lots of great tips from these tutorials. thnx!

way to go guys keep the info up

way to go guys keep the info up

way to go guys keep the info up

I want to buy the tuts :{

awesome staff, love it. i have to buy the synth=)

Hugely helpful tutorial this one, really brings home how a bit of understanding of the synth itself can help you to get the sounds you are looking for. It was nice that these were all setup from initial patches just to show how to sculpt a sound from scratch.

Fantastic stuff yet again guys! Give yourselves a pat on the back. Really looking forward to seeing a lot more videos on A.N.A. If you haven&#039t got it already then what are you waiting for!?!

Please could you guys make this available for download/purchase? would love to have it on hand all the time :)

these tutorials are great. ANA is so easy to use, the knowledge contained here can be used with other soft synths as well. to make even more sounds. Cheers guys!

Great tutorials! However one request: can you share the MIDI sequences you are using? My attempt to reproduce the pluck sounds different from the very start, perhaps simply due to the notes I'm playing.

FANTASTIC TUTORIAL!!!!! Thank you gentlemen!

How do I automate the Pitch Bend on Ableton for ANA?

Hey guys, can someone help figure out how to automate the ANA pitch bend onto Ableton ?

Go in to abletons envelopes and select Midi Ctrl… its in there

In the clip section bottom left, tick the ‘e’ to make yellow, then in envelopes from the first drop down under envelopes select MIDI Ctrl and on the second drop down select pitch bend, draw in your bend

how to pitch bend on fl studio?