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Join Sonic Academy’s creative director Phil Johnston as he reveals to you for the very first time Sonic Academy’s brand new plugin ANA 2!

Completely redesigned from the ground up, ANA returns to the scene stronger than ever.

We have spent many thousands of hours rebuilding and redesigning every nook and cranny of ANA to create a beautifully elegant and powerful synth. One that is super simple to use but with an extensive toolset to allow you to create complex and exciting sounds.

Over 3 YEARS in the making, our baby is finally ready and we can’t wait for you all to try it out.

Watch as Phil shows us some of ANA’s new features which include 3D Wavetables, big screen graphical envelopes, drag and drop sample import, 24 built-in fx units with drag and drop reordering, polyphonic step arpeggiator, 46 high quality filters, modulation matrix, macro controls, over 500 included presets, and the epic Chord Memory Device.

We have completely redesigned the interface, with a brand new HD Retina-ready GUI with both classic white and a new black skin to choose from.

With all of the new features we have crammed into ANA 2 it was a challenge to present it all on screen without it getting cluttered, we have managed to accomplish this simple and familiar layout that made ANA 1 so famous, whilst also giving you the full flexibility of what ANA 2 has to offer.

So sit back and enjoy this feature rich tour of our awesome synth!


Excellent synth, thank you Sonic Academy :slight_smile:

ANA 2 looks great - nice GUI and concepts!

where is tutorial 13 ARP n CMD


Stoked on all of the upgrades & additions in V2! :smiley:

Very Helpful

Still way to heavy Cpu wise…almost impossible to use.
Using Mac Pro dirtbin ,16 gigs ram, Sierra OSX , Studio One V3.5.
If someone can help me find a solution please.
Thank You

Could you do a test with the attached presets and let me know your results.

You will need to load a clean project with no other tracks or effects active.

Open Activity monitor from Applications/Uilities.

Set activity monitor update frequency to very often (1 sec) (its 3rd item down in view menu)

double click on the Studio One process.

for each preset let me know what your idle is (when no notes are pressed ) and the % when 1 note is pressed.

CPU Test No Mod.SndPr (20.8 KB)

CPU Test With Mod.SndPr (20.9 KB)

Excellent Synth…

Video 13 won’t play on any of my devices. This was disappointing. :frowning:

Vid 13 should be working now!

Great interface

Hi, I’m a beginner to using DAWS and I’m only really learning to use this phenomenal bit of software, though I seem to be having a problem getting presets to play. I can create sounds using the Wavetable and Sampler, but when I try to play any of the presets from the drop-down menu, nothing plays, only the Wavetable sound? Hope this makes sense

Nevemind, fixed it! Had saved it to the wrong VST folder.

great vst , very helpfull vids, could you make a tutorial explaining the LFOs please?

Loving Ana 2.0 Phil. I have all the major soft synths, and in my mind it stands toe to toe with the best of them. Very fun, easy to program and sounds fantastic. Ideally, one feature I would love to see is visual feedback for the modulation and filter envelope like Serum has.

I’ll second the request for a video on the LFOs. Specifically, the two knobs to the right of the LFO targets? They appear to be depth controls (so you can have different depths for each individual LFO targets). But…what’s the difference between these two knobs and the “maste” knob. Also…the “individual” depth knobs don’t seem to be able to be automated from the DAW (I’m on the original 2.0 version - DL’ing he latest right now to see if this was a known bug that got fixed)

great vst , very helpfull vids,

Great synth and great course that gives a good overview on how to use ANA 2. ANA 2 sounds awesome, is so versatile, and so easy to use. Good bye Serum…

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