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This week we Sonic Academy welcomes back self-proclaimed synth obsessive Matt Thomas aka King Unique for a journey into the dystopian sounds of Blade Runner solely using ANA 2.

As much as Scott’s film relied on its rain-drenched nightscapes and neon-glazed city sprawl to reflect the existential angst of Harrison Ford, it also succeeded due in no small part to the score by the former Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou. Besides his work on the score for Chariots Of Fire, Vangelis’ most lauded film work resides here.

Also, with the recent release of Blade Runner 2049 where the mammoth task of creating a soundtrack that’s brimming with all the right sounds that fans needed to hear to not only know they’re in the same universe but one that has since evolved, was passed to Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch they undoubtedly succeeded in a total evolution of what Vangelis set in motion way, way back in 1982. It’s louder, it’s gloomier, it’s heavier, and it’s much more expansive, all qualities one might tag with Villeneuve’s breathtaking sequel.

In this fascinating course, Matt recreates the sounds that define these two movies in two different patches on ANA 2, delving deep into this powerful synth’s capabilities and giving us a masterclass in sound design.

The end result is two incredibly satisfying soundscapes that pay tribute to these two awesome films and their respective soundtracks.



I am passionately synth nerdy too! I’ve been pushing ANA 2 to extremes lately …pure 6 oscillator blissful drone heaven using custom 3d wave-tables and samples! Thank you for posting this, its highly appreciated by us synth nerds :slight_smile:

stop talking a lot, the introduction was a very waste of time! :@

Going to love going through this one!

Very impressive what ANA 2 can do using Just one Preset - this guy knows his stuff and is willing to share some of his expertise

I really like this guy plesant to listen to and knowledgeable

this guy is so good to tell about what ANA 2 can do. And yes, so quiet and calm

Excellent tutorial, which i cam to check right after a 2months self-design of the BDR2049 soundtrack. Tons of nice tips, particularly about the overdriven sounds of that legendary movie. And must say that ANA2 fits perfectly to make such beautiful sounds. Thank You King Unique !

nice and awesome

This is dope!

Very helpful. Learned a lot about ANA 2 and can now make the sounds i am looking for. Great. Thank you.

fantastic course

increasingly want ANA ))))

Now I want ANA 2

And now it’s black Friday for one week !!
With exclusive deals on ANA 2 & even more interesting if you already own ANA 1

Vangelis 101 - thanks!

nice tutorial…

I must have…

This looks like fun!

nice tutorial…