How To Use - Arturia ARP2600V with King Unique / 904

Arturia ARP2600V with King Unique

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Synth Nerds Assemble!

The King is back with a brand new ‘How To Use’ course, and this time he’s checking out the legendary ARP2600 emulation by Arturia and this one’s a bit of a beast!

Divided into 3 sections - the synthesizer, keyboard and sequencer Matt meticulously delves into each control within these sections explaining how they function using audible examples to demonstrate.

Yet again Arturia has made the unaffordable a possibility for us meagre mortals, and if you own, or plan to own, this awesome emulation and a sound designer’s dream, this course is a no-brainer to help you to get up and running. Admittedly it may take a few views to get your head around some of the controls, but Matt will help you make the most out of this epic synth releasing its full potential, so you too can create the next R2D2 iconic movie sounds or at the very least play some awesome retro funk!

Fascinating as always, Matt gives us the lowdown on why this synth is up there in lights as one of the best, and with infinite possibilities of sound design, this is one you’re gonna want to have a play with!

Check it out!

That’s awesome!

Excellent course. Matt is very good at explaining things in an entertaining and easy to understand way and goes through each part of the synth step by step. If I had one criticism it would be that the sequencer section could have done with being spread out over two lessons as some bits could have done with more explanation, although he does use it extensively to make the three presets. Overall 9/10

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Very helpful (and entertaining too). I thought the demo with the hi-hats was particularly enlightening and I’m not quite as scared of the sequencer as I was before! Any plans to cover the Buchla Easel V … that one has me quaking in my boots.

What a beast! (The Arp26000). Don’t think I could have wrapped my head around it without this tutorial. I really enjoy the way KU presents material. Thanks Sonic Academy for helping me make the most of my Arturia purchases. (Preset 3 really expanded the scope of what I imagined from this synth)

a perfect teacher for an amazing synth! from the moment you started to use the sequencer, it became purely captivating…thanks a lot, especially for “erasing” most of my fears;)

One of my fav synth, can’t learn enough of it!

so good

arturia’s user manual on this synth is so insuficient, king made it so clear
my vote is for king unique doing a tut like this on every single arturia synth
it was his tutorial on jupiter which brought me to become a sonic academy subscriber, first place

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