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Arturia BeatStep Pro with Bluffmunkey

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In this short new hardware ‘How To Use’ course Bluffmunkey is back with us once again and checking out Arturia’s BeatStep Pro.

With two independent melodic sequencers and a drum sequencer, you can take full control of soft synths in your DAW, analog and digital instruments and drum machines all at once giving you that sought after ‘hands-on’ performance-related experience.

Over these few short videos, Bluffmunkey runs through how to get up and running with this innovative bit of kit so go check it out!

What happened here? I was excited to see this video pop-up and thought it was going to be a in-depth tutorial, but this is much more like a demo overview. Seems like it was rushed over a lunch break or something. Hope to see a deep-dive on this amazing device.

Hey there @allreddv

If you check the Details tab on the course page, the description says “short new hardware"How To Use" Course” which should suggest to viewers that it’s not an In Depth course.

Next to the longer & more In Depth courses that are released on Fridays, S.A started to bring new series of quick videos tutorials on Wednesdays for some weeks now, that’s one of those.

doesn’t help much - waiting for an in depth course