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Arturia CMI V with King Unique

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Does this man ever stop playing about with vintage synths? The answer is a resounding no, so we’re stoked to welcome back King Unique for another How To Use Arturia course - and this time he’s lifting the lid on the iconic Fairlight /Arturia CMI V and helping us get our heads around this groundbreaking synth.

Peaking in popularity back in 1982 this synth paved the way for the DAW’s we use today and only setting you back a mere £30,000 - it was a fairly exclusive piece of kit, but as you’ll see in Matt’s introduction video it’s influence on modern music is paramount with nothing else coming close to what this machine was capable of at the time.

Arturia has done it again though so us mortals can now get our hands on this legend and try it out for ourselves, and to help you along the way Matt guides us through every section and control so you can understand how to use the CMI to its full potential.

Working our way through the different screens and tabs we try out every parameter to see how it can manipulate the sound before Matt designs three very different patches from scratch.

We’re guessing most of you reading this own a DAW so check out where it all started and watch the King in his element as he shows us the ropes of this trail-blazing synth!


I enjoyed this video. Love the history.