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Arturia CZ V with King Unique

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It’s 2020 and we’re kicking it off with royalty as we welcome back synth guru King Unique for an all-new new course looking at How To Use Arturia CZ V.

Starting with a fascinating insight into Casio’s rise from innovative smoking aids to suspended synth pyramids, Matt runs through how to use this iconic synth in-depth and how to make the most out of this ‘phase distortion synth’ to get some awesome sounds.

A relatively simple synth to master compared to some of Arturia’s emulations but still packed full of endless possibilities.

Go check it out for yourself!

Glad I watched this. Really good tutorial on a unique synth.

Good Job!

looks good

Kings Unique tutorials are great. I am also watching Synthi tutorial. Dont like synthi, but still watching it just for the entertaiment value.