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Arturia Effects You’ll Actually Use Part 2 with Kirk Degiorgio

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Kirk Degiorgio’s back this week here at Sonic Academy and after multiple requests, he’s following up on Arturia’s Effects You’ll Actually Use with an in-depth look at the next set of plugins in Part 2.

Here he’s checking out Arturia’s modulation, delay and reverb plugins which include some absolute stone-cold classic emulations from the Roland Space Echo and EHX Deluxe Memory Man to the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase pedal and EMT’s Plate 140.
These recreations of rare and sought after hardware have been used on countless hits, and thanks to Arturia you can now ‘get that sound’ in your own productions easily. As with all their plugins, Arturia has added their own updated features and amongst the family are some new awesome creations of their own.

Kirk takes us through all the controls for of each plugin showcasing what effect they have on your audio.

Check it out and let us know which one you want to get your hands on if not all of them!

Excellent course as usual, detailed walk-through of all functions and each single knobs and extra features of those plugins, with informative information on the original units as well and great musical examples putting the plugins into play and showing what you can get out of those great effects.

Thank you, “excellent stuff” indeed :wink:

thank you - very informative and easy to understand