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Arturia Efx Fragments - First Look

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In this video, Protoculture’s checking out Arturia’s new Efx Fragments plugin - a granular processor multi-effects plugin that can create glitchy stutters, grainy stereo ambience, experimental textures, and beyond.

Aimed at making granular synthesis more accessible thanks to its clever visuals and user interface, you can go from absolute chaos to beautiful ambience and everything in between when using this plugin.

Here Nate runs through the controls and demonstrates some of the interesting sounds and textures that can be produced.

Definitely one to consider adding to your arsenal don’t you think?

Awesome Nate

You made it really easy to understand and made it easy to think of ways that it could be used.

Thank You

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I already own Output Portal and this looks very similar. Is there anyway that Fragments particularly stands out compared to Portal?

Do not own Output Portal myself but some reviews out there say Efx Fragments sounds better thanks to transient and grid quantization as well as being more flexible in terms of sound design capabilities. Best is to compare both for yourself and see if it’s something for you and if it’s worth opening the wallet to add this to your arsenal.

Tthere’s a demo for Efx Fragments available from Arturia.