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Arturia Jupiter 8V with King Unique

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In this 'How To Use Arturia Jupiter 8V with King Unique', we delve into the world of one of the most iconic synths ever made, recreated for the modern era by Arturia. 


Here, King Unique takes you through the synth that has appeared on some of the worlds biggest hits. From the the VCO oscillators, the super phat filters, to the effect and performance tabs exclusive to the soft synth version. We end the course with King Unique doing some live sound design, where you can get an insight into the sound designers thought process. This synth has it all!


This instrument has only been a recent addition to my plug-ins and it is great! Your tutorial was awesome and gave me loads of thank you!

King, what a great tutorial! Extremely helpful! Have you ever considered creating a similar one for the classic arturia CS-80? It would be a bliss ! Thank you so much!

these tutorials are so helpful and detailed. they really help you learn the reasoning behind why the synth works and allows you to explore it further. arturia organ tutorials were great too. looking forward to an arp 2600, modular v, prophet, or cs80 tutorial! :smiley:

These two tutorials on the Arturia synths are AMAZING! Please do more, particularly on the ARP! I’m so confused by it!

Fantastic set of courses on the Arturia emulations! Would love to see some more.

Great course, extremely useful and clear. I would just say, the section on Presets seems to be out of date - the current V3 does not have the same system of Presets.