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Arturia MicroFreak with King Unique

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Long live the King! He’s back with an all-new How To Use hardware tutorial, and this time he’s checking out Arturia’s digital-analogue algorithmic synthesiser MicroFreak.

Featuring a 12-mode digital oscillator, an analogue multimode filter, obscure envelopes and a host of sequencing options all packed into a stylish chassis this cost-effective box of tricks has tons of potential.

In his own ‘unique’ style, Matt takes a detailed and in-depth look at how this very different machine works, and how to make the most of its creative ability.

This is a synth that not only bears a resemblance to multiple synths in one but is also an oddity that is like no other. There’s no doubt that anyone who gets their hands on one of these is going to have a ton of fun.

Unlimited possibilities and features you won’t find anywhere else, this is a synth and also a How To Use course that you’ll want to check out!

Dear king Unique
Your course on this beautiful synthesizer is very interesting and I recommend it to everyone.
The Micro Freaks is very beautiful and the “grain of madness” that we all love. I like it a lot and especially the birds painted on the banner above the keyboard.
King Unique If I can afford you have a gift for pedagogy and that is very appreciable; So you are a good teacher.
Thank you SonicAccademy to share with us this knowledge because without nothing would be possible.
I noticed that the “thing” of the Adams family was quite often involved in this video and it had been a long time since we had seen it on a screen.
Thanks to the Adams Family.
Good Tutorial

King Unique
Fantastic course and a great laugh.
I was given a MicroFreak for Christmas and this is the best course anywhere to get using it.
Is there a chance a further course could be created that deals with the vocoder?

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