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Arturia Prophet V with King Unique

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This week we welcome back Matt Thomas aka King Unique for an in depth look at the brilliant Arturia vst emulation of Dave Smith’s classic synths the Prophet 5 and the Prophet VS.

In How To Use Arturia Prophet V we firstly get the story behind these ground breaking synths before we dive firstly into the functions and capabilities of the classic Prophet 5, before moving over to the Prophet VS with its ingenious joystick to switch and merge between the oscillators and then finally checking out the combined synths working together.

In the last three tutorials we watch as Matt gives us some incredible examples of what these synths are capable of and why they have gone down in history as one of the pinnacles in music and sound making machines.

These synths are tricky and ultimately expensive to get your hands on in person but Arturia have made the synth lovers dream more accessible than ever and after watching this course, you’ll be wanting to have as much fun Matt has in creating your own sounds with these timeless classics.


Silly question, but does this course come with a plug in? When I click on the Prophet VS software tab, I get redirected to another page but with no download button for the software itself…

Prophet V tab* not VS.

No, of course no… It’s a VST instrument that you have to purchase from ARTURIA

It cost around 150 euros.

You might want to consider their V Collection 5 Bundle too :

around 499 euros but you get a bunch of great synths in there !!
They do have promotion sales time to time, or you could check some
offers from or

And by the way Arturia’s plugin emulates the latest Sequential Circuits Prophet VS + the Prophet 5,
all in one plugin, so switching plugin’s tabs 5VS/5/VS on the right, you can either use the Prophet 5
or the Prophet VS alone, or a combination of the 2.

Hope that helps !

Thank you @Tekalight!

Great course, thank you!

Find out that you can use noise as modulation is, depressingly, the most exciting thing I’ve experienced this year.

Seriously though these classes are great. I signed up specifically for your synth classes. As a know nothing guitarist who usually has to spend 3 hours hacking away trial and error at a synth before I even start to get near the sound I want, they’re really helpful!

Thanks! If you send me a real Prophet I’ll recommend this site to all my buds. If not I’ll just use all the info and pretend I figured it out myself.

06:30 This is the kind of sound I’ve been trying to get for maybe a month. I resorted to using the Arturia Modular V along with Guitar Rig and a semi-elaborate randomized controller attached to a whammy pedal as a nice hacky way of doing what took you 2 seconds in this synth.

You’re a great teacher!

Without King Unique, I would have an entire folder filled with useless synths or synths I had only superficial understanding of. Thanks!

You have helped me unlock this amazing instrument! Thank you!

arturia sale ending today april 06, fyi - whole collection is half price, 50% off - check it:

i have no affiliation - i just want our community to not miss out - I just bought myself cheers

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Arturia bundle available for free with certain arturia midi controllers on thomann - keylab IIRC - for a limited period atm

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looks awesome

The reason I joined is for King Unique!