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Arturia Synclavier - V with King Unique

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Yes, he’s back! Our go-to vintage synth guru King Unique is with us again this week, and this time he’s checking out the monster that is the Arturia Synclavier-V

When it was first released back in the '70’s this incredibly expensive piece of kit was groundbreaking, and used by artists such as Chick Corea, Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, and Stevie Wonder.
Fortunately for us, Arturia have worked their magic once again to make this beast available to those who have opted against remortgaging their house, and over these 17 videos, Matt gives us a detailed walkthrough of how to get our heads around making the Synclavier work for us.

Starting with a quick history lesson and overview, we delve into the additive and FM synthesis capabilities of the Synclavier before going through each of the different sections which include LFO’s, Envelopes, Mod Matrix and the highly creative ‘Timbre Frames’ and ‘Re-Synthesis’ options.

Matt then finishes off the course with some awesome creations of his own to showcase what this behemoth of a machine can do.

The Synclavier is quite simply a sound design enthusiast’s dream and a no-brainer for anyone wanting to get their hands on a classic piece of kit that would otherwise be pretty much impossible.

If you already own this software, this course will really help you make the most of it, and if you don’t own it, you’ll probably want to after checking this out!

Thanks Matt for another interesting, inspiring, and thoroughly entertaining tutorial.

Really enjoyed this tutorial.Matt is an expert and you see when him is tweaking the parameters lol!Learned how to use this monster!Thanks.

Excellent stuff as always. Arturia Pigments next please?

Hey @Bruce_Crawford

Not sure that Arturia’s new “Pigments” catches the eye & ear of vintage synth guru King Unique :smile: :wink:

Maybe something to post in the “Tutorial Requests” category here on the forums or on the S.A Face Book Discussion Group.

Matt really knows his shit. So grateful for his input on this site.


Phenomenal! I learned enough in the first hour of this class to justify my entire subscription! Bravo.

Really enjoy King U’s tutorials and histories; thought I’d give the sin-clav-veer (my pronunciation, so…the right one) a try out of curiosity. But now twice in three sessions, I’ve put the thing into an otherwise empty Ableton session, hit “Screen” and voila, Ableton crashes. I’ve got dozens of soft synths, don’t need the aggravation, so I’m moving on after the second vid in the series, but not because of the quality of the content.


Maybe try to delete the Arturai synclavier plugin ( with Ableton Live closed ), then reopen Ableton, rescan plugins, close Ableton again and try to install Arturia Synclavier again. Also check your Arturia plugins are up to date in the Arturia Software Center as well as Ableton Live up to date.

If the issue persist then you should report this to Arturia Support.

Hope this helps :wink: