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Arturia Synthi V with King Unique

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Welcoming back royalty once again this week as our go-to vintage synth sensei King Unique joins us for an in-depth look at How To Use Arturia Synthi V.

Yet again Arturia has painstakingly emulated a legendary piece of hardware loved by the likes of Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, and Hawkwind by combining the Synthi AKS and VCS3 into one full-featured software instrument.
Known for its instability this synth could be made to sound in tune with quite a bit of hard work, but that wasn’t really what it was famous for - sound effects, drones, and psychedelic textures were what put this synth on the map.

Over the next 23 videos, Matt dives into every feature of this very different noise-making machine. Starting with a fascinating and comprehensive history of how EMS came to build this wonderful synth we then take a quick overview of the user interface before going more in-depth over how each section works and interacts with each other using the unique ‘Pin Matrix’.

Once all the sections are covered, including some new features introduced by Arturia, we check out how to map to a MIDI controller and save our creations before Matt does his thing and creates some awesome patches.

If you own this plugin this is a must watch and if you don’t, it’s a fascinating insight into synth history and you’ll probably want to get your hands on a copy by the end!

Seriously, check this one out!

Thank you for explaining this mental bit of lovely kit, and thank you for making me laugh along the way.

Great stuff, thanks Matt. Interesting, practical, entertaining, and finishing off with a great patch.

Great tutorials. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge in an easy to understand way.

excellent as always, your tutorials alone are worth the annual subscription. Perhaps sometime you would consider dabbling in Xils labs like Xils 4 and Poly KB?

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Yep, +1 for some Xils Labs courses & especially those 2 you mentioned :slight_smile:

You, sir, are a brilliant story teller :wink:

Matt - big thank you once again. If this counts as a vote then the Buchla Easel would be much appreciated as a new course :slight_smile:

Really enjoy Matt’s courses. When I first looked at that matrix, it was sort of boggling. Well done, good detail, and having a laugh learning. Have they finished the hardware version of your mum yet?

You do great tutorials for complicated synths. You should consider doing one for the Easel.

I’d like to thank Matt for making this brilliant course on Arturia Synthi V. I didn’t know how to get started with Synthi V despite having read through the manual carefully AND having some modular gear myself and I still didn’t get quite get it! So I headed off to YT and there I found the free course videos and after watching them I just had to continue cuz it was brilliant and “easy” when everything was explained so clearly and inspiringly and thus I found my way here, to Sonic Academy, which was a very welcome experience for me. Now I am deep diving into the material here and, hopefully, I will gain a lot of new skills and knowledge here that will advance me as an artist and music maker. Yesterday I became a paying member and I am just super excited about finding this fantastic treasure trove! So huge thanks to Matt for this brilliant Synthi V course (and also for pointing me to Neil Young’s Trans album! What a treat : ) )

Cheers and thanks!

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Great course. I’d love to see more for the Arturia lineup.

Hi there @Caai

You can use the keyword search feature ( the magnifier icon at top right of the main courses page ) and type in “Arturia” and a list of available tutorials will show up in the search results. There’s already quite a few other synths from Arturia covered in other tutorials.

Thank you. I hadn’t searched it for a while and had it in my mind there was only a handful. Pretty good lineup there.

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