How To Use - BABY Audio Parallel Aggressor with Bluffmunkey / 1057

BABY Audio Parallel Aggressor with Bluffmunkey

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In this short ‘How To Use’ video we welcome back Bluffmunkey as he checks out the new compression and saturation plugin by BABY Audio - Parallel Aggressor.

This effect plugin can help any sound from vocals, drums, acoustic guitars, bass to punch through the mix without ever sounding too harsh. You never actually alter the original signal but instead merge in the compression and/or saturation to get the desired effect.

Here Bluffmunkey runs through the controls and demonstrates how it can improve a kick, bass and percussion in a track.

Go check it out!

Nice overview & good “in use” demonstration on different audio material. Might have overlooked & under-estimated this one, thanks for the demo & walk-through @Bluffmunkey

Nice tut