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Behringer Neutron with King Unique

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Something a little bit different this week as we welcome back Matt Thomas aka King Unique and take an in-depth look at some new hardware in How To Use Behringer Neutron.

This affordable semi-modular analog synth opens up endless sound design fun packed into a machine that fits on your desktop where you can tweak, patch, and play till your heart’s content without ever likely recreating the exact same sound again!

Over these 16 videos, Matt runs through every control in easy-to-understand detail including the hidden options and also the on-screen app controls that come with the synth.
As with all of his tutorials, Matt explains not just how it works but also why it works, so you can make the most of this small red bundle of joy.

Finishing off with 3 very different style patches we reckon that Matt is still sitting there tweaking and switching cables right now as this is one of those pieces of hardware you can lose hours, maybe even days on!


Great to see a tutorial on a hardware synth!

It seems that the Neutron is some great value for money.

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Pretty awesome that my neutron came in only a few days ago, and literally the next day I got the notification for this.


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LOL, You’re a lucky guy then :wink:

Enjoy your new Neutron & the course !

Very comprehensive & exhaustive tutorial from Matt here, a great way to explain things & make this affordable for beginners or even people just curious about the Neutron and “real world” synthesis with hardware in general. Thanks.

Super, just what I need. Nice job thinking “outside of the box”, SA.

Nice Tutor

exactly what i was looking for.

excelent tutorial!

Great course!!!

This is the best explanation of the synth and its inputs and outputs.

Great walkthrough, picked up a few neat things I didnt know. Wouldve been nice to see a few more patches though.

Great course for beginners-stage folks. If you understand synthesis well, you can move right into neutron workflow with the help of a few ‘topographical’ youtube videos or forums, and then be on your way.

The patches shown here are interesting! (Though, there are also these kinds of videos on youtube)

if you cant quite wrap your mind around synthesis—this course WILL help!!!
If youve been around the block— probably just search free sources and fiddle.

Personally, I took about 1.5 days to become topographically familiar with the neutron (through reading forums), then immediately skipped almost all the stages in this video course just from previous knowledge— like, ‘what is an LFO?’ or ‘what is sample and hold?’

wish they showed more patches :frowning:

all beginners synthesis info, with only a few cool patches at the end

Great Walkthrough!


What’s the point of connecting VCA to OD IN?

Humbly, Ylan


Glad you enjoyed it - can you remind me where that happened and in which chapter?

Hello Watkins,


I realize I made a mistake looking at my own Behringer, I think it was from VCF 1 to OD IN, which seems more logical!

Humbly, Ylan

Ok, from memory the default wiring sends the VCF to the overdrive even without any cables plugged in; not sure why I’d have been wiring it in. If you want to bypass the overdrive however, you can plug VCF Out to VCA In. Hope that’s any help.

Great breakdown for beginners