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Bitwig 5 Beginner Level 1

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With the release of Bitwig 5 for anyone with an active upgrade plan, we asked Nate, aka Protoculture, to revisit our awesome Beginner’s Bitwig course by Dom Kane to give those of you starting out in the software the lowdown on some of the new features.

This course is split into two parts, firstly looking at the setup, the user interface and how to navigate certain features before moving on to the practical side of creating a new track. Even if you’ve been using Bitwig for a while, there’s plenty of knowledge and production skills to be gained here in getting this powerful DAW to work hard and do the heavy lifting for you.

So it’s over to Protoculture, on the world’s best online music academy, to get you up and running in your new music production venture!

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Looking forward to this, thanks to the SA team and Nate of course for the love Bitwig is getting.

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This was a solid course. I consider myself an intermediate-level Bitwig user, and I learned a lot in your final lesson on automation methods. I look forward to Level 2 being updated, as I think I’ll get a lot more out of that course.

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses:

When can we expect Level 2, with protoculture?

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Welcome to the forums ! :sunglasses:

I don’t know about upcoming courses, maybe @chris_agnelli can tell more about this.