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This week we proudly welcome back Psy-Trance sensei Nate Raubenheimer aka Protoculture as he checks out Unfiltered Audio’s brand new plugin Byome - an awesome multi-effects plugin that gives you unlimited depth when it comes to modulation options available.

Over these 13 videos Nate takes us on a highly detailed and in-depth look at how to make the most of this plugin and what it is capable of.

Starting with an overview of the main controls we dive into the different modulation options and how we can use the macros to automate within our DAW, before looking at each of the effects available from delays, distortions, filters, reverbs, granular effects and dynamics which are all outstanding in their own right.

However, this plugin really becomes something else when you start to connect up the cables using the modulation options which include LFO’s, Envelopes, randomisers, sequencers, and controllers. It is only then that you realise just how many options to manipulate your incoming signal are available to you and Nate demonstrates this beautifully with some practical examples.

Byome is a one-stop-shop that can turn the mundane into something truly spectacular, and if you ever get tired of connecting up your own awesome patches, its handy randomise feature will let you literally roll the dice for endless possibilities along with endless hours of fun!

We think this is gonna be one popular plugin so definitely check it out!

Omg. YES! I have been drooling over BYOME and having good fun with the trial, and wondering if Nate has his hands on it yet - and lo and behold, here we are - I cannot WAIT to dig in to this series! Thanks SA and Nate <3 This VST is awesome. I’m a eurorack modular user and of course the two are different creatures entirely, but there is a place in my heart for BYOME and modular hardware both.

It really is a sick little piece of software… as complex as you need it to be, but also, if you’re starting out and wanting to add a number of different processors to your arsenal, there is so much here to cover all the bases.

just purchased this plug in ! amazing sounding ,but not automated :(… hope in near future /update will be ON

Hey Dennis, as I mention in the tutorial, you can automate anything but need to assign a macro control to is first. This is due to the modular nature of the patches and there basically being almost infinite amounts of controls that can be added to a patch… there simply isn’t enough control ID’s within DAW’s top account for all of them hence they need to be assigned per patch instead. Much the same approach to some advanced synth/samplers like Kontakt, Reaktor and Falcon where you actually need to enable the automation for a specific control.

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thank you very much for answer! yes you right i miss the macro control … it still too dificult for me to adapt as modular instrument , but he is great … well will work hard on it
thank you again

Fantastic explantation of a plugin. There should be Videos like this for everything.

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Fun tutorial, excellent job as usual Nate!

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