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Chipspeech with Bluffmunkey

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Sonic Academy welcomes back Bluffmunkey once again this week, and this time he’s checking out a very unique plugin in How To Use Chipspeech by Plogue.

A vintage-style speech synthesizer, Chipspeech recreates the sound of famous 80′s voice synthesis chips. Featuring 12 different voices, each with its own characteristic timbre, it also features circuit bending emulation and a multitude of different controls so the sound can be extensively modified for easy and expressive performances. Once you’ve typed in your lyrics, you then then play the syllables on your MIDI keyboard.

Over these 4 videos, Bluffmunkey runs through all of the controls and how to automate parameters in your DAW before layering a chord progression to showcase what it can do.

This is something not to be missed as you won’t find another plugin like this one!

not bad…but too robotic, or daft punky…

Excellent. I’ve used the plugin a little but I’m going to dig deeper now. Many thanks.

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It’s supposed to be robotic, that’s literally what it’s emulating!

sorry my bad :)) i thought it could be also more “humanized” at the same time of robotic))
but great potencial for rather than voices I think, love the third one you made, reminds me a bit to pleasurekraft synth!!
good job))thanks for the tutorials))

I think it’s instinct to try and make it sound more human, but I failed to get something that I liked when doing the audio demo, so I deliberately more robotic instead lol. Might as well go with the flow.

Thanks very much for covering this esoteric subject! I have been mainly using Alto/Ego and Chipsynth from Plogue but I’ll definitely give this some attention now. I really like your demo, as I find it fascinating to use voices whether real or synthetic in sound design.


Great use of a really deep plugin