How To Use - Circle2 with Multiplier / 227

Sonic Academy presents the next instalment of its ‘How To Use’ series. Taking the helm this week as guest tutor is ‘Multiplier’ Uncovering the secret weapon that is ‘Future Audio Workshops - Circle2’


Loved by its users, Multiplier gives you an overview of Circle2’s beautifully elegant user interface,  the lowdown on the oscillators, including Circle2’s unique Vector Phase Shaping synthesis and how and when to use those meaty filters.


Next you will get to grips with the arpeggiator, envelope modulators and master FX, finishing off with some sound design examples showing how to use this powerful synth in the real world.


If this guy was as good at making music as he is at saying shit we'd be onto something

wow what a pleasent suprise, i just purchased this synth last month

Hope it helps!!

tutorial on this next please

i see on tutorial 4 he was saying the pitch is getting effected by the sequencer but in fact he has it routed to the filter cutoff??

no new tutorial this friday?

this synth is a miracle

@multiplier Can I ask for help? is it possible to assign independent envelopes to each oscillator?

Hi there @emmeffe

Not familiar at all with Circle 2 myself, so unfortunately I have no clue about this feature, have you tried to reference Circle 2 Manual ? It might be the first place to look for this kind of information perhaps.

I also added the tutor’s user tag to your post so he’ll get notified about your specific question, but this course is a bit old now so I’m not sure if there will be a reply.

Thank you Tekalight!

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