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Cubase 6 - Beginner

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  In this course we show you how to make a basic dance music track while showing all the functions of Cubase 6. This course is designed for beginners and new Cubase users.

nice to see a bit more cubase material up on here good overall info, please bring some more to the table

thank god for this website- i feel like cubase has gone and no one uses it anymore. not to mention this was very handy to teach people how to use the software.

I can&#039t download the files and resources for this lesson.

I bought a Yamaha MX 61 a couple of years ago (hardware synth) as an absoloute beginner.It came with cubase AI6. I have never been able to use it with my synth, ie to control software syntheisers. I have bought an A to B cable. I would like to use Halion and other software synths, ie play them from my MX as a midi contoller . I have never been able to do this I think I may have issues with midi and audio routing. Perhaps I am being impatient, do I need to add midi tracks to hear anything, do I need a midi interface between my laptop and my synth. Dont know where to start really.

It should be pretty straight forward. Plug in a USB cable from you keyboard in to your computer. Install drivers that came with keyboard or go to Yamaha site to get them. If it's a class compliance midi interface it might not even need drivers. Create a virtual instrument track- select the Vst you want to use. check that your keyboard shows up as a midi input device in the inspector.

Thank you very much , I will try the above and get back to you shortly

Very Helpful

ha ha just got Cubase 10.5 - this is my very first Cubase tutorial ever - everyone has to start somewhere! :slight_smile:

btw got PRO - has a deal… better than host site…

tutorial 6 showing modulation - such an important trick to add some important “human touch” - invaluable. I need to do this more in my Ana2 tracks…!

such an amazing DAW - and this was like ten years ago. How did I wait this long to discover Cubase???