How To Use - D16 Spacerek with Bluffmunkey / 1117

D16 Spacerek with Bluffmunkey

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Bluffmunkey’s with us this week to check out D16’s virtual space reverb plugin Spacerek which can place our audio in a recognisable space to give a more organic and natural sound.

With a low CPU and hundreds of different configurations to choose from, this plugin just may be the answer you’re looking for when searching for a more subtle and realistic reverb for your tracks.

Here we get to hear how it sounds, get the lowdown on how it works and what it emulates, and a run-through of all the controls available.

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Right on time, was wondering what D16 Audio came up with this time with this new reverb after their Toraverb & Toraverb 2 plugins. Nice take & approach from them again, it’s definitely something different & useful indeed.

Thank you for the detailed & clear explanations, comprehensive & easy to follow course, covering and demystifying the audio engineering techniques & the concept behind this plugin.