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D16 Toraverb 2 with Protoculture

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Protoculture’s back this week with another short ‘How To Use’ video and this time he’s checking out one of his favourite reverb plugins from D16 - Toraverb 2.

This concept algorithm reverb has separate modulation of early and late reflections, mid/side mixing and the super useful ducking effect. The superb quality of its diffusion network makes it easy to create a never-ending choice of spaces and ambience.

Here Nate takes us through all of the controls demonstrating why this is one of his go-to reverbs in his productions.

Check it out!

Great course! Well instructed. Awesome little reverb too :slight_smile:

Hello mr musician, Dj, producer, tutor … I learned that these plugins had been invented in Poland it’s great because they are of quality. But I fell for the tone of Soudtoys yesterday fat to you and your tutorial on psytrance ($ 99 the effect rack from soundtoys). In September if all is well I should have a surprise for the world of PsyTrance) Thank you Tutor
Arcadia …Yeaaah !!! I’am a Fan of that sound !

i Download Toraverb Demo in the website and My Nortonvirus scan
said they were a trojan . Erase That now ! Sory Nate

Hey there @fabriceoze

Sorry to say but this is a stupid assumption and reaction, nothing else but a false positive, you can be sure that all D16 Audio Group plugins are clean.

Next to that, I can tell you than I have stopped using any third party antivirus software for ages, they do nothing good for audio on computers, especially heavy resources eaters such as Norton. Since Windows improved their native antivirus that’s the only one I use for some years now and I never had any issue with viruses. If you know what you’re doing on the web and what you install on your machine, there’s no reason to use such anti-viruses 3rd party software anymore IMO.

Me i’m sure about what i do with my computer and with norton about a very long time . Norton erase that virus sory but i like the sound of this plugind . But Norton may be is the best of the Virus Scan if Norton erase this Software they erase this software . I love Norton . Cordialy. USA …USA…USA…USA…


Well, it’s up to you my friend, you’re gonna miss a lot of nice plugins if you trust too much Norton or any other antivirus software IMO :wink:

But yes, everyone managed his computer has he likes of course, so that’s your choice, but again, I can tell you that most of the people using computers for audio don’t use antivirus software, it really brings nothing but trouble. Seriously, check the web, check forums, make some research about using antivirus and especially big ones like Norton on audio computers and you’ll be surprised :wink:

I agree with you my friends, but I greatly appreciate the work of protoculture as well as that of the Sonic academy team. I wouldn’t want any of your students to have problems with a plugin. I am in a logic of protection and defense and I do not know everything about antivurus. Have a good time

When this happens with your antivirus reporting alert with plugins, if you have any doubt, take a screenshot of your Norton report and email it to the manufacturer support, in this case D16 Audio Group support, they will explain to you what’s going on. I can assure you that there’s no any viruses in their plugins, I use a lot of them, including Toraverb.

False positive reports from antivirus software happens quite a lot, they can be detected as malware because of certificates signature not matching some requirements, some actions the installer needs to perform on your system, need to call home for authorization and many other things. The problem is that antivirus relates on database specifications that are strict and limited and there could be many reasons for an installer to trigger an alert but it will be a false positive.

If you download the installers from the manufacturer’s website, you’re good to go, those companies can’t allow themselves to spread viruses or Trojans to their clients, they will be out of business if they do that. Many plugins manufacturers ask their clients to disable their antivirus before running their plugins installers just because of the previous reasons I tried to explain, this is a very well known problem with antivirus software.

Next to that I can also assure you that those software have an impact on your computer’s and audio performances because of the huge number of tasks & processes they run in the background.

Again, make some research on the subject, especially in audio forums and maybe you’ll change your mind at some point.

So here it is, that’s my advice, of course I can not force you to change your habit, but to make it clear :

Antivirus software just sucks with audio computers, they really do !! :smile: :wink:

Cheers !


A nice quick overview covering the main parts and features. Like how the video is shot with the focus on the plugin. Very clear. Thanks.