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Devious Machines Infiltrator with Protoculture

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Protoculture’s checking out another awesome plugin today and this time he’s looking at Devious Machines’ multi-effect sequencer Infiltrator.

This powerful vst has 28 effects including pitch shifters, filters, delays, reverbs, loopers and more and will allow you to mix and mash up to 10 at a time with curve editors, envelopes, modulation and a 32 step sequencer.

As you can imagine, this gives you a whole lot of options!

In this video, Nate runs through the controls and demonstrates what this shape-shifting plugin is capable of.

Check it out!

Yooooo, thanks Protoculture! I requested this one on Rift video haha!

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Wow amazing. I was thinking about buying this plugin, after this video I think I’ll be tempted. Thanks