How To Use - Diva By U-He with Synth Hacker / 482

Uhe Diva is a “gaz factory” synth on its own indeed :wink: Definitely a great softsynth for sure, but needs some time to get the best out of it and start to program you own patches. Many people only using presets banks for this reason I believe :sunglasses:

Alternatively, grab your hands on ANA 2 if not already done… LOL. Just saying ! :smile:

Cheers and thanks for your feedback !

Great Tutorial for Diva. Exactly what I was looking for.

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even at 2x speed I had a hard time staying awake! There is no sound … seems pointless to watch this.

Welcome onboard on the forums :sunglasses:

Sorry to read that this course didn’t match your expectations :confused: