How To Use - Diva By U-He with Synth Hacker / 482

Learn the Ins and Outs of this amazing plugin from U-He software. The oscillators, filters and envelopes of Diva are closely modelled on components found in some of the greatest monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers of yesteryear.
Modules can be mixed and matched so you can build hybrids, but what sets Diva apart is the sheer authenticity of the analogue sound ( as well as its intensive hit on CPU ).
This course is presented by a newcomer to Sonic Academy - Tom from SynthHacker
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Great in depth tutorial, thanks Thomas!

The tutor provides a good overview of Diva and suggests various applications and uses for many of its parameters. I would have preferred if he demonstrated such applications from time to time. It was almost exclusively explained, rather than demonstrated.

You might consider this nitpicking, but I consider it good advice. Tom: please work on reducing your excessive and unnecessary use of the words essentially, basically, and actually. I found it both distracting and bothersome. At one point you said “actually” three times in a brief sentence.

It is acceptable and correct to say, “A filter removes frequencies”. You don’t have to say, “Essentially, what a filter actually does is basically remove frequencies”.

I really liked this tutorial. It was well explained with a lot of technical background. Thanks.

Hey Synthhacker! And Sonic Academy! Could you please make hybrid 3 tutorial. Please…

I wish there were more examples. Like he would explain his concept, then produce the sound. Other than that, great so far!

" essentially, esentially, essentially, basically, basically, basically, bear in mind, bear in mind, bear in mind " well good luck not getting crazy with him repeating thousand times the same words … and apart from the three last lessons which are propper exemples, this whole course is similar to “user guide’s reading”… not a single time a key is pressed or a knob is turned to illustrate the talking. Overall, the guy is good at what he does, hence his own youtube videos, but I cant help to think he recorded this course straight without any preparation. Disappointing when you’re paying for…

Awesome and well explained tutorial. I wish you could do one for new Zebra update.

it seems SYNTH HACKER has lots of knowledge about sound design and synthesizers (in this case Diva). Lots of detail is talked about here, however, I did not hear a single note hit on the keyboard to show how the sound is made. it was all about theory. in my opinion people need to hear in order to learn and understand how synthesizers work. if you are interested to make the sounds and learn about Diva while you are making the sounds (in action), go to the last 3 videos. the rest of the videos you have to just sit and watch and hear about the theory. If you like to learn only in theory, this tutorial works for you. other than that I don’t suggest it.

Best U-he Diva tutorial.

Clear and concise explanation - thank you for this amazing, in-depth tutorial!

Excellent tutorial, save one suggestion. Play notes as you explain parameters to help solidify the change in the mind of the student.

I’m not a native speaker, but I don’t usually have difficult to understand courses and tutorials. But this guy is really difficult to understand since it seems he is dying sometimes or he is f*cking lazy!
I read the manual and it’s the SAME thing. The guy doesn’t show ANY example of what he’s doing. Honestly, I prefer 1000 times reading the manual, since I can read much faster than he talks.
Kind of disappointing, really. As other guys said before, the insane amount of “really, essentially, basically…” turns it more difficult to not going crazy. I’m sorry of being so critique but I signed to Sonic Academy just because of this course…

Hey there @eduardojuliato

Sorry to read that this course didn’t match your expectations.

I haven’t watched this course myself so it’s hard to relate to the points you’re highlighting here but there’s similar comments to yours like you already mentioned. IMHO, there’s a big difference between knowing your subject and transferring your knowledge to others via a recorded tutorial. Some people are better at doing than teaching, I can’t blame anyone for this, I honestly thing this is a difficult thing to get right & nail.

Don’t focus on this one, even if you feel disappointed, there’s a ton of interesting content to learn from on S.A website and to make the best of your subscription :wink:

Thank you for the feedback.

I disagree with @eduardojuliato. Im not a native speaker either and I was able to understand all of the course. the course makes perfect sense since it is clearly lay out on the course content that at the ends is where we get into sound creating and the first part is just showing the controls.

I agree with others that during the first part of the course it wouldve been great to play more sounds just to show how some parameters affect sound.

Great course. Helped me understand more about synthesis and Diva overall. Thanks Sonic Academy

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A great cource, especially when havind Diva in front and stopping to experiment. Videos are howerver slow to start, partially offline and stops randomly. I think the site is strugling and that is not what I’m paying for…

A bit disappointing to be mostly a glorified walk-through of the manual?

The last three videos were a very preliminary start to the practical, hands-on guide I need as a beginner, but walking through every element of the synth practically would have been so much better. Feel a bit short-changed to be honest


he knows his stuff and explains things well but could´ve shown examples!

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Hi Sonic-Academy and Synth Hacker,

first of all, thanks for the course. After I finally got Diva, I was really excited for this course, but in conclusion, it was a bit disappointed.

I have to confirm @tomgoulding and @eduardojuliato thoughts, it feels like a walk-through the tutorial. It would really helped to understand certain aspects of the synths, if Synth Hacker would made some practical examples, where you can actually hear something, rather than everything theoretically explained.

Diva seems easy at first, but after you dig into it, you realize it can be really complex in certain sections. To imagine all that in theory in your heard without hearing any sound, is basically impossible and I would rather grab the manual and try Diva on my own than watching this course.

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