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Dune 2 with Echo Sound Works

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In his second outing on Sonic Academy, LA based sound designer and tutor Echo Sound Works takes us through the in’s and out’s of Synapse’s ‘DUNE 2’.


This powerful yet efficient synth has a maximum reserve of 8320 oscillators at full polyphony, yes 8320 possible oscillators (holy moly)…making DUNE 2 is a true unison monster. It is also capable of creating wavetable and FM synthesis, has mountains of quality effects, filters and extensive modulation options. Also on board is a arp come sequencer and a graphical envelope, Synapse like to call Msegs.


So enjoy getting under the hood of this all rounder synth. 


thanks very much Echo Sound Works and Sonic Academy. I was really waiting for this tutorial for some time now.
WIll you or planning to be doing a How To Use Omnisphere 2 ?
Keep up the good work!!!

Jesus fucking Christ, stop saying "doon". It's pronounced with a "U", hence the spelling, like the month of "june". It's also not "sinnapse", it's pronounced with a "Y", hence the spelling AGAIN. If you're going to attempt to make a living out of speaking then fucking learn to speak.

"DOON" is the American pronunciation of Dune, just because you decide to pronounce it in UK English doesn't make him incorrect with his pronunciation. And further to that, his pronunciation of Synapse is correct - SY is pronounced "si" - Synth, Symphony, Synergy.. etc.

Hope this helps man!

Really good. Very comprehensive. Worth every penny.

Hi! Nice tutorial. Are you planning to make U-he Hive tutorial and Synthmaster too :D

We are in a few months - next up will be Serum, then Spire!

good to know thx :D

Is the Spire tutorial still coming? Any idea how soon?

Great presentation of this synth. Easy to understand and apply. Very knowledgeable presenter, and well spoken.

Echo Sound Works is one of the BEST tutors ever!
Sonic Academy??? Please have ECHO make more tutorials for you guys! More TRANCE please :-)

Yes! Echo Sound Works does a great job.

Echo Sound Works you are an amazing teacher!!
Really glad you are here at sonic Academy
I just purchased Dune 2 because of this tutorial. Awesome Thanks

Fantastic overview of Dune. Not only does Echo go over the tools, you get a pretty helpful synthesis overview as well! Great course, especially for those who are newer to synth programming.

Tutorial 06 - FX Bus cuts off early at 22:03 mark.


will get that fixed @chris_agnelli

I am on it @JJacinto @bryan_spence

Looking forward to learning a lot through this course. Shame there isn’t one for DUNE also!