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Eventide Plugins with Kirk Degiorgio

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This week we welcome back Kirk Degiorgio and this time he’s checking out eight of his favourite Eventide plugins.

With each plugin, covering reverbs, delays, compressors, flangers, phasers and more, we run through the controls available before checking out some musical examples of how we can utilise these awesome tools.

All are fantastic sounding with a ton of useful features to raise your game and if the godfather of IDM is singing their praises then you know Eventide are doing something right!

Go check out what Kirk has to say!


nice tutorial

Hey Kirk, love all of your tutorials and this time, really good to see you in person (so to speak). Blackhole is so powerful and I have been using it for a while now - but after watching your tutorials - I realised I haven’t been using it at all - thank you!

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Excellent course from Kirk Degiorgio, very well explained as usual ( eventide Plug-ins are sometime not very intuitive at first look and you made that a breeze ). When it comes to practical & musical examples it’s always a delight to see the meticulous process & then hear the results. Icing + cherry on the cake for the audio material that’s been chosen & used for the course making it even more enjoyable for the brain & ears. Thank you :slight_smile:


Awesome tutorials!

Blackhole was actually the first plug-in I ever purchased and I still love it to this day.

Ultratap I’ve had for a while but I never gave it much attention… until now.

Good work!

Definitely top shelf, love the overview followed with the in-use practical. Eventide is definitely fire, thanks.

fantastic tutorial! great choice of sounds, ambient guitars, Numan, Japan, Visconti and Bowie´s Low, it doesn´t get better than that

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