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Expressive E Touche with King Unique

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King Unique is back with us again this week to check out a very cool and different type of controller - the Expressive E Touché.

The Touché acts like a combined pitch and mod wheel which can also apply modulation across multiple axis at once, and with the ability to assign all sorts of parameters using the included ‘Lié’ software, this clever controller can bring expression to your playing like nothing else.

In this video, Matt shows us how it’s used and demonstrates just what it’s capable of.

Check it out!

fantastic video - I have a touché se and want to get more use of it…

can you pls do a follow-up video showing MPE control in say Bitwig? I didn’t realize Lié could host the vsti - thanks for showing that.

I’d also like to map my touché to control LFOs etc i.e. “paramter” controls, modulation - not just vibrato etc.

the arché collection - i’m so glad I got those - they go on discount from time to time

hope ableton invokes MPE…

got mine in the mail today! Got inspired by this video to get one. :slight_smile:

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Exelent really enjoyed