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FabFilter Pro-Q 2 with Rory Webb

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This week here at Sonic Academy we welcome back Rory from Hyper Production for a look at How To Use FabFilter Pro-Q 2.

FabFilter already set the bar high with Pro-Q back in 2010 and was a first choice EQ plugin for most producers, but not being complacent, FabFilter upped their game in version 2 offering a positive avalanche of new features which include EQ matching, Spectrum Grab, ‘tilt shelf’ bands, Natural Phase mode and automatic output gain adjustment.

In this two part course Rory firstly checks out the user interface and each of the functions before showing us how the plugin can be used in real world examples using vocals, drums and a synth lead line.

In terms of usability, functionality and sound, FabFilter Pro-Q 2 is hard to beat and with a reasonable price-tag it’s a difficult one to resist!

Awesome use! I’m defo going to try notching out the notes that are not in the scale. Thanks!

Thank you Rory, very useful and well explained tutorial really showing up the great features of Pro Q2, probably justifying the Fab Filter plugins pricing policy :slight_smile:
By the way it would have been awesome to ask Fab Filter if they could join with Sonic Academy or Hyper Production to offer some coupon or discount for Sonic Academy subscribers :slight_smile: - It would be interesting to see this happening more often when offering specific plugins only tutorials. It would really add value to Sonic Academy subscriber’s features & benefits I think.

Thanks Rory - a really clear tutorial!

One additional tip that sprung to mind watching this (in my eyes the best feature of the plug in). In the Spectrum Grab mode once the spectrum freezes (turns purple) you can just grab one of the peaks and boost or cut it, with ProQ automatically creating a bell and adjusting the Q. I find this saves loads of time and means that you can be super accurate in reducing peaks.

Also it might be worth covering the EQ Match functionality on a future tutorial. This is a really easy to use starting point for getting a frequency balance in line with professional productions.

Usefull video. Always good to watch so I don’t forget :wink:

Hello, is this eq work only with logic?

Hey @arikzone1973

From Fabfilter web site :

All FabFilter plug-ins are available in VST, VST3, Audio Units, AAX Native and AudioSuite formats (all both 64-bit and 32-bit), as well as RTAS (32-bit only).

Great tutorial. And great comment below by WillArnold1, very handy!


good, but too fast and not all features covered

Informative but all features are not covered.

Great tutorial mate!

Nice, but does not broadly cover more tools. This video needs to be longer