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Sonic welcomes a new tutor this week - Fox. Here, he delivers an all new ‘How To Use FabFilter Volcano 2’. Volcano 2, is the successor of the popular Volcano filter effect plug-in, but packed with more filters, routing’s and practically an unlimited modulation section that makes this a very powerful studio tool. Yet at the same time, the revolutionary new ‘what-you-use-is-what-you-see’ interface makes it also far easier to use. Demonstrating the new modulation updates and 11 different filter characteristics that define its sound, Fox takes us through the 'ins and outs of Volcano 2 then shows you how it could work for you in some real worlds examples.

Hi, great videos. I’m still trying to get my head round setting the cut-off values with the XLFO.

For the XLFO, when you set the cut-off with a low pass filter what setting defines how much either side of cut-off frequency the LFO swings by? Does it swing from 0 position on cut-off to full or 100% open position to cut-off? Thanks.

This can be a little tricky to understand. when you drag the xlfo to the cut off, by default it is bi- polar… So it swings positive and negative of the cutoff. the amount is set by the slider above the xlfo labelled filter freq. To make it Unipolar (so the modulation only goes one way, + or - from the cut off point), you need to adjust the wave shape in the xlfo window. if you click on the number 1 box at the bottom of the first slope, then push it upwards till it is in-line with the “0” on the vertical axis. this makes it unipolar . you can then change if it is + or - by clicking on the +/- button to the left of the “Filter freq” . Hope this helps … FOX

Awesome explanations. Thanks.

Hi My Name is Fucks Nice to met you!

Terrific tutorial! I had no idea how powerful this software is!!!