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First Look - Echomelt 3

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Bluffmunkey’s back with us again to revisit a plugin he’s looked at previously as it’s had a major update in this first look at Psychic Modulation’s Echomelt 3.

This multi-effect plugin replicates analog tape warping, saturation along with a built-in delay and chorus. After going through the controls available Bluffmunkey demonstrates how it can be used with a real-world example.

Check it out and let us know what you think? Is this something you want to add to your arsenal?

Very Good Vidéo, the Plugin is interesting and very Fun .
Thanks .

Well I’m buying one. But could you guys do a mixed down where you left off showing different mix downs from different producers or mixers. Real great video.


There’s a dedicated Tutorial Request topic on the forums here where you can post, would be great if you could be more specific about what you’re after also :wink: