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First Look - Unfiltered Audio Lo-Fi AF

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Continuing with the Lo-Fi theme following our recent Lo-Fi Preset Pack release for ANA 2 Protoculture checks out the new plugin release from Unfiltered Audio - Lo-Fi-AF.

This is multi-effect plugin has the ability to subtly degrade your incoming audio or alternatively, it can completely obliterate it!

In this quick video, we run through the controls and sections available before trying it out on some different elements within a track to see what it is capable of.

What do you think? Is this another hit from Unfiltered Audio? Check it out and let us know in the comments!

Convolution , Station frequency and the choice of noise is really good . Unfiltred is One plugin for 5 plugin on the past . LOFI

It’s a plug-in that can be used differently than izotope vinyl. The interface is cool too, with analog and digital separated in an easy to read layout.
From the video, I thought I could do something similar with a combination of iZotope Vinal and VocalSynthe2. But the presets that Protoculture mentioned in the video are very nice.
NoisyKick would be a great addition to any music genre.
Thanks for introducing me to a great plugin.
Also, by request, since Black Friday is coming up, if you have any recommendations for plug-ins that can be bought on sale, I’d appreciate it if you could put them out as a limited time video.

Wonderful explanation and what an amazing plugin