How To Use - FL Studio 11 Level 1 / 263

Any plans to update the tutorials to FL Studio 12?

I just finished Tutorial 10 on sidechaining and while the tutor has done a fantastic job, this one had me lost after the first half. In previous tutorials, SeamlessR explained nearly everything he was doing and sometimes a little of why. This time he went quite fast (a lot of material, I know) and made quite a few changes without talking about why or what they do. Perhaps they are beyond the scope, but if so maybe shouldn’t have been added in. Either way, I’m sure it is moot at this point. Maybe it is a little too advanced for the beginner series. Although my song is starting to sound quite different (not necessarily a bad thing), I will go back later on and see if I can pick it up better.

Alright, so I am having a problem with the sub portion. Everything seems OK, but when I drop the octave of the bass, it sounds TERRIBLE and I cannot figure out why. I will disclaim that I have FLS 12, but have been able to figure it out through the differences. I can hear the bass on the video perfect on my headphones, so I don’t think it is that, but when I drop it down, it sounds very dirty - vibrating on the end of the note (not sure what that is called, super beginner here). I have tried playing with the settings to make it sound clean like in the video, but am, of course, crashing and burning, only making it worse. Any suggestions? (My 3x Osc looks way different btw bc of the update) Id appreciate any help. I really want to finish this out…

hi I would like you to teach me every thing please and I will pay monthly fee?

you need to redo the sidechain video SERIOUSLY .
You blab on for almost 3 minutes giving about 30 seconds worth of actual information on what you are doing.
I really wanna learn this tech. and continue watching the videos . You dont mention that you changed the color to red on the option that you are going to use on mixer.

This was an great course! Took me from not knowing a single thing like opening Harmor, assigning elements to inserts,
applying effects in the chain, even just zooming around and navigating the interface, to feeling comfortable starting
my own projects and experimenting. I like how Seamless explains things in a casual fashion which I find easy to follow
and understand. Even if a term or concept is a bit complex, a few re-winds and I understood his point. Took me about
3 weeks to finish this course. I didn’t have some of his samples so I had to make or find my own which was fun. Already
half way through level 2 which definitely requires Lv1 to grasp but I am enjoying it even more. Thank You Sonic Academy.

@eggsplosive We have an update to FL 12 coming very soon.

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Aweesome! Not a lie I picked up 12 last night from guitar center. Fired it up and stoked to learn the ins and outs of it :slight_smile:

A great course. If only Seamless could speak a bit slowlier. Pretty difficult to follow up the teacher for a non native english speakers.

I’m debating whether or not to buy the download because I didnt expect the full course not to be on youtube when I already had a page full of my owns notes that I took. It is very helpful and he explains everything pretty thoroughly, however he is alittle fast-paced.

Have you tried the new FL studio beginners course? Bit slower pace and very well presented.

Very good for a beginner level course!

Already liking this tutorial. Already learning and understanding alot of important info

could you advise where i can get “key talking synth” preset for minisynth?

Well, i wouldnt know anything if not Seamless :DD

Great place to start, didnt regret purchasing it.

Love it.


horrible server.disgusting.