How To Use - FL Studio 11 Level 2 / 261

Sonic Academy is please to present to you our Level 2 ‘Make Music With FL Studio’ with the oracle that is SeamlessR.


This is the next step up from the previous course and one in which you will get to grips with sound design using Harmor for Subtractive synthesis, Sytrus for some good old FM synthesis, and reams and reams of automation for that pro level sound.


Things can get a little complex along the way, but this course will show the full full potential of FL studio right out of the box. So roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.


Tutorial 7 - Using Vocodex: This video is unavailable...

usually a temporary error caused by a slow broadband connection, can you let me know if it is working ok for you now?

Love this. Thank you :) will be waiting level 3

There is a lot of twisting knobs without any commentary. I know that this is intermediate, but the tutors actions are not explained as well as in lvl 1 of the series.

can someone help me

In sytrus i dont get wahhhwahh effect its just a static sound , if i play with the modulation it doesnt work .

pls help?

Nevermind got it working ,

Was using fl studio 12 and the default preset of sytrus in fl studio 12 is different then in 11,

I've watched all of Level 1 yet I could barely understand this...

I was expecting this to continue from where Level 1 stopped, but this assumes way too much knowledge that I don't have and was hoping to find HERE.
For example, he just assumed we know what Mid , Low and High means in Maximus when I don't have a clue what those are, he twisted alot of knobs without even explaining what they do...
I'm kinda disappointed knowing Level 1 was amazing.

with vocodex do you have to have 3 tracks?
track 1 modulator
track 2 carrier
track 3 vocodex

or do you have only 2 tracks
carrier and modulator and inster vocodex in either one of them?

This one is fun, once you get into it, but it is not as much a tutorial training as it is hey, watch me do all this stuff and talk about most of it but not really organize anything or label anything so it is hard to keep up!. I was able to make it through very slowly…word of advice, what you make (as a student) is not going to sound like what he has. Well, to a point anyway. At first I was frustrated, but then remembered that Seamless is an FL genius and I am a mere beginner, so I am OK with it. Still fun and learned A LOT.

sweet thanks man even if it isnt 100% clear its super informative!

By far my favorite course so far. Level 1 took me from not having a clue how to navigate FL to being able to assemble rudimentary sounds and to experiment. LV2 was great to learn new workflow ideas, better sound design and gives you an excellent idea about the amount of work required to assemble a track from scratch to the very end. I had a fun time trying to put the finishing touches on the track and trying to master it to the best of my abilities. It wasn’t always easy but solving the problems that arise is very gratifying to solve them. I strongly recommend to new users after completing LV1. Thank You Seamless!

Once again, thanks mate!! :slight_smile:

I am enjoying this tutorial, I have gone through learning Ableton and now I want to learn FL Studio. Question is will there be more support like this video soon? Amazing breakdown. Thanks

Hey @germomr2

You’ve been watching the FL Studio 11 Courses, there’s already FL Studio 12 Beginner Level 1 & Level 2 courses & also numerous tutorials like “How to make” or “How to use” that refers to FL Studio.

Aim at the SA home page, browse your mouse on Tutorials a red window should expand at the bottom of which you can click on “View All”, then you’ll be prompt by a search tool bar and just go to the “Software” criteria box & search or start to type FL Studio, it should gives you a list of related courses.

Here are the links for the FL Studio 12 Courses :wink:

Thanks for everything SeamlessR! Your courses have been really helpful, especially those in Youtube. I’m glad there are those like you that’re giving back to the music community