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FL Studio Harmor with SeamlessR

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 Sonic Academy presents How To Use FL Studio’s Harmor with the Jedi Master that is SeamlessR. Taking us through it’s massively powerful additive synth engine, SeamlessR gives us an overview of what addititve synthesis is, how it differs from Subtractive and how it can be applied to create some truly stunning results.


We dive deep into the Oscillators, Filters and Phaser modules, and get to grips with the very powerful multipoint envelope editor, which can be applied to over 40 parameters in two independent parts. We cover usual synth topics like audio resynthesis, image synthesis, blur, pluck, unison, detune and prism - making this a truly unique synth with a truly unique sound delivered in the truly unique SeamlessR style.

its like when you get to those kind of subjects you need to talk way slower i cant handle both understanding the video and what u saying in the same time :(

The course is very informative, and SeamlessR is very knowledgeable.
However, the course layout doesn’t fit my needs very well.
I would like to see more tutorials on how to make specific sounds - such as plucks, pads, strings, leads.
The tutor is focusing on bass sounds, which is great, but not enough (at least for me).
I would like to see more courses on Harmor, perhaps at different levels (basic, middle, advanced), more focused on sound design.
I would also appreciate closed captions and/or downloadable transcripts.

All of SeamlessR’s work is Flawless, love learning from him!

Thanks for this helfull cource :slight_smile:

Great lesson! I’m no longer twisting knobs aimlessly in Harmor, but rather truly experimenting with each individual parameter it offers. It’s nice to have an entire course dedicated to the specifics of a VST rather than simply watching videos which show how to make a specific sound. I also love the length of each video. I’m sure you can make a course that’s hours long on Harmor alone, but these small bits of rich information is enough to get a beginner started on sound design. Thanks!

Glad you enjoyed that! Try this now How To Use FL Studio Sytrus with SeamlessR | Tutorial 01 - What is FM / Sytrus

perfect, thanks! I was hoping there would be one for Sytrus lol

Great course! Love watching Seamless’s stuff!

Great thanks

Vulgarizing the concepts behind a synth as unique and “dense” as Harmor is no small feat. Seamless did a fine job, and quite frankly his humor and great attitude seals the deal.

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Awesome Learned alot from this

A very helpful course on this versatile, yet intimidating synth


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