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FL Studio Sytrus with SeamlessR

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We settle down this week for a comprehensive guide to using the multitalented Sytrus Synthesiser.


Sytrus is a combination of Subtractive, FM and RM Synthesis and so understandably it can be quite difficult to understand where to start. In this course we break it all down.. what is FM? How do you use the Ring Modulation / Matrix / Filters and more.

We wrap it all up with some real world examples of using the synth to create some popular sounds.



I've been dying to find a good tutorial on Sytrus...time to dive in :)

Great & thorough explanation of FM (probably as thorough as you can find without diving into bessel functions! Seamless always does a great job of explaining things. One thing; I think some of the menus (such as drop down menus & the wavecandy oscilloscope) do not show up on the screen recorder that is used. Luckily it is easy to follow along still, but maybe something to look into for future videos.

You realise we cant see your drop down lists and cant actually see what your doing when you use one

The guy is a beast, but I need subtitles :stuck_out_tongue:

Great tutorial.
I learned a lot.