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Fracture with Aiyn Zahev

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In this How To Use Fracture by Glitchmachines - Sound designer Aiyn Zahev takes you through this small but brilliantly formed Glitch Plugin.


This FREE buffer effect plugin is great for creating robotic artefacts and abstract musical malfunctions. It features a buffer effect, multimode filter, three LFOs and a delay - all with the ability to reorder the processing chain for some truly unique results.


Aiyn takes us through the intuitive interface and shows off some of its diverse features with real world examples.

interesting plugin
seems pretty hard to get good results but its currently free to download

Nice one Sami

Fracture is not really a preset based effect, in that I haven’t heard of anyone making and selling presets for it. If you’re going to use Fracture, you’re committing to making and tweaking your own patches.

In this tutorial, Aiyn covers every single feature, slider, rotary and modulation of Fracture with relevant examples and real time tweaking- all in a speedy 32 minutes!

Note: As a person with focus issues, there were a few moments that felt slow, but I think editing them out would have been jarring to the overall continuity of the lesson. So, even though I had a moment or two dealing with waning focus, Aiyn kept me engaged until the end- Good show, and thank you for that!

Most importantly: If a teacher can bring out even the smallest spark of inspiration in their students, they’ve succeeded. After watching this tutorial, I not only will know what I’m doing with Fracture, but I genuinely feel inspired to go make some groovy glitched out sounds with Fracture!

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Excellent. Ivo and team are making incredibly complex and interesting plugins but it never quite feels like you have control…EVER- happy accidents are fine up to a point, but then I want to get some moderate adherence towards a beat in my song, rather than utter sonic chaos.