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How to DJ for Beginners

Basement, bedroom or the bar down the street – all DJing careers have got to got to kick off somewhere, and our How to DJ for Beginners video tutorials have everything you need to get you started!

Follow Sonic Academy’s professional, in-house DJ tutors as they break down all the essentials into bite-sized lessons. All you need to know about your DJing equipment: how to set it up and what each feature does. Our DJ tutorials traces DJing from the anatomy of a turntable through to beat-matching and equalising the tunes you spin.

Course features:

• Learn to DJ music online, in your own time and at your own pace;

• Learn quickly from our high quality video tutorials, presented by industry professionals

• Get the most from your equipment – there is nothing more frustrating than having kit and not being able to use it. You want to DJ and Sonic Academy tutorials show you how!

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Great introduction, it would have been good if it included some tips on choosing some records to beat match with when starting out.

Why use your thumb to lift the needle? That's so awkward.

Most of the videos are unavailable! Why? Can you please reup all the parts?

I dont understand how sonic academy can be missing a most basic tutorial on how to DJ.

I’d be happy to help by adding tutorial videos too, btw. :slight_smile:


That has now been fixed and all videos are working :grinning:

Loved the EQ module.

Ancioso pra adiquirir !

A really useful complete ‘back to basics’ course, thanks! I don’t use vinyl but this has made me want to :slight_smile: EQ tutorial very helpful!

is very useful only pls update, the video is 10yo

Nice course, thank you!

Nice course


this really need an update :slight_smile:

Fantastic, Thanks :slight_smile: I would be nice to have a course that walk you through the more popular DJ plates.


Very helpful

Thanks for the course