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How To Use Eventide SplitEQ

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This week, we welcome back Protoculture to look at Eventide’s clever new SplitEQ plugin.

At first look it is like any other EQ on the market, but what makes this plugin special is that you can EQ the transients and tonal elements of the same signal separately.
This opens a ton of new options when it comes to mixing and shaping your sounds.

Here Nate demonstrates SplitEQ’s capabilities and why it could well be one you’ll want to add to your arsenal.

Check it out!

great review; Eventide Anthology owners can use Physion to explore tonal vs. transient - their first plugin to use the structural effects technology… cheers Nate fantastic intro/overview!

As Anthology owner, I logged in now to Eventide - Split EQ is part of Anthology upgrade - so for $39 USD I now have Split EQ - Eventide does have great loyalty pricing

Anthology right now $799 USD - great discount for all of it - check it out - worth considering come on you get the H9000, everything… check it out for yourselves to decide regular is like $1999