How To Use - iZotope Iris 2 with Protoculture / 1021

iZotope Iris 2 with Protoculture

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In this week’s short ‘How To Use’ video Protoculture is checking out the unique Iris 2 from iZotope.

Iris 2 acts like a synth however its oscillators are made up of four sample layers where you can either use the extensive library that ships with the instrument or drag and drop your own. The magic happens when you start to edit your samples in the Spectrogram window where the X-axis is time and Y is frequency.

The scope for how you edit along with plenty of modulation options and effects makes this plugin awesome fun to use and brilliantly creative - basically merging parts of Photoshop with a synth is genius, and here Nate runs through the controls and demonstrates how infinite the options are with this instrument when it comes to sound design and building patches.

Definitely one to check out!

I bought this plugin a few weeks ago, it’s very CPU heavy, but also a very unique plugin.

Bought for a buck and now is my go to instruments for atmos or pads :wink:

Nice! :+1:


Nice and straight to the point. Very promising synth but needs lots of cpu resources.

Very good tutorial, everything you need to know about this unique synth.

Nate is an excellent tutor

As a bit of a newbie this was really helpful and some nice techniques to learn not just on IRIS 2 but synthesis in general, thanks

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This video helped me a lot! I very much appreciate it!

its awesome

This guy’s courses are in a different league to the others on here. Good microphone, good camera, not a second wasted. Short, snappy and to the point. Very good, thanks a lot, really helpful!