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iZotope Nectar 3 with Protoculture

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In this week’s ‘How To Use’ short video Protoculture’s back with another iZotope plugin, and this time he’s checking out Nectar 3.

This all-in-one vocal processing plugin has an awesome GUI along with its intelligent mixing features that bring it in line with Neutron and Ozone. It also boasts an intuitive AI assistant that can give you a great starting point in getting your vocal mix sitting just right.

As always, Nate runs us through the controls and modules demoing how this plugin sounds on a vocal line so whether you’ve just purchased or if you’re thinking about it definitely check this out!

it is a good plugin but the sound of manipulator by Infected mushroom is the best.
Thank you for this demonstration , it’s a good way for the beginner like me
Ha ve a good health and drink some nectar ;

Muy buen plugin y muy buen video, me gusta mucho.

Moderator edit, English translation :

“Very good plugin and very good video, I really like it.”



To the point but very thorough course, thank you!

They’re very different plugins IMO… Nectar is more gear towards traditional vocals, and fits in nicely with Neutron and Ozone too. Vocalsynth 2 and Manipulator are more along the same lines, I have both and they’re both great.

Ah Ok ! I have Got Neutron Element to assist me on my Channel strips about 5 days ( it’s free for me izotope like me ) is very good when you are not an engeneer of Sound , Neutron help me to do my channel mastering with my different plugins and i learn a lot about me and the sound .
At the beginning i’m a light designer on the theatre in France ( and i go to Berlin to work tour ) and i do some sound but just diffusion and microphone for singer in theatre . So we have some Yamaha console or soundcraft with hardaware to do the Vovals in live ( lexicon reverb , Avallon … ) and it’s more easy than the plugin , but i learn with you and my new Izotope plugins .
I love the infected mushromm plugins ( but is expensive ) .:heart_eyes:
You have a very good hear and also you are a good musician ! ARCADIA ( my Favorit is GAIA )
Stay at home finish the 05/11/2020 in France
Have a good Health

Informative video. Thank you. Looking forward to learning more from Sonic Academy.