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iZotope VocalSynth 2 with Protoculture

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In this ‘How To Use’ video Protoculture checks out iZotope’s vocoder suite VocalSynth 2 - an awesome and versatile vocal processing system with five modules along with reorder-able effects.

Nate takes us through the GUI and controls demoing the different modules along with the new drop-down view for each module.

From a gentle, subtle effect to the extremes of an alien robot born from the depths of despair, VocalSynth 2 is a clever tool for producers and sound designers who enjoy working with vocals.

Go check it out!

I usually love Protocultures tutorials, but this one felt very rushed. It was almost impossible to hear the effect of some of the dials because they got changed way too fast.

Nice tutorial and really powerful tool. I wish this had been around 10 years ago :wink:

Very interesting!


Apologies if it felt rushed… the ‘how to use’ videos that get uploaded to youtube as well we try fit into under 20 minutes. There’s quite a bit going on with this plugin, so I guess I could have given some elements more time, but I think we covered the majority of the functionality in the video. Feel free to shoot me a msg here if there’s something you wanted more clarity on.

this guy is definitely doesn’t know how to work with that plugin…

Thanx Nate and Sonic Academy, didn’t realise how cool Vocalsynth 2 really is. Must get it.

Excellent Tutorial. Helps me a lot to do much more in Vocalsynth.

Excellent Tutorial !! Thank you !! By Mactrix

Lavely. Just the ticket