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Juno Shootout

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This week we welcome back Techno and IDM legend Kirk Degiorgio for a look at the iconic Juno 106!

Cherry Audio has recently released their soft synth emulation claiming to be the best so far, so we thought we’d put it to the test and compare it with some of the other VST’s on the market to see how they stack up.

We also check out how well our very own ANA 2 measures up to the competition when set up similarly so let battle commence!

Do you agree with Kirk’s choice? Check it out and let us know what you think!

Well, for a 1st synths shootout, it’s a great one !

Really enjoyed watching this, learned a lot about the history of the original synth and the breakdown of each emulation with detailed explanation for each layout and their own additional features & differences is really useful as well.

Then showing how to setup a Juno 106 template using ANA 2 is another excellent point & learning resource from this course and a good demonstration of what Sonic Academy’s soft-synth is capable of.

Finally, great & challenging choice of patches for the audio examples really putting each emulation to the test. Found the final verdict very fair as well.

Those software synths shootouts series from Kirk Degiorgio and King Unique are really worth watching, if you’re in the market to pick up the right one, definitely check those courses and thanks to the tutors doing a real good job on this.

Love it

Love the sound of the Juno. There are a couple of great VST emulations around but the hardware unit is and always will be the real deal:-)


I have got both the Roland Juno 106 hardware, the Roloand cloud VST plugin and the Cherry audio DC-106. guess what? I am a 106 fan ;o)
thanks for the free video sample :+1

Awesome course.

Nice overview!

Thanks for the comparison. Been debating which one to go with.

Thanks for the information!! Very Nice

I know it’s a Juno-6 emulation, but would have been nice to look at the Arturia Jun-6V too.

Oddly enough I prefer the tal chorus more than Roland’s chorus plug-in.