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"In this exciting new online course, join Noah, also known as Haterade, as he delves into the hotly debated topic of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in music production.

As AI continues to advance, it is increasingly important to understand the implications of its use.

Chances are, you’ve already encountered AI in your music-making journey without even realizing it. In this course, you’ll discover the latest tools available and learn how to leverage them to improve your workflow, overcome creative blocks, and find inspiration.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the fascinating world of AI and how it can enhance your music production skills."

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PS: The above description was created by ChatGPT and is a requested ‘improved’ version of our original.

I’ve been hesitant on using too many AI help tools because I still want my music to be human, however I can actually see a use for this now; you still have to shape it to make it sound good. I also use Midjourney.

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woooow! That’s funny!

Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment and feedback ! :sunglasses:

Great course. Chat GPT can also write pretty good lyrics. Probably better than Unberduck!

I agree with your conclusions - using AI in audio is the way things are going and it’s not gonna change. So gotta embrace it or be left behind. We as producers are still producers, just now using different tools to produce our tracks. There will always be the need for some kind of human touch and creativity. Unless maybe it comes to a point where all we need to do is input some text about an idea, and AI spits out a fully produced, mixed, and mastered track up to professional and commercial standards. And keep pressing “variation” until you get a “hit.” But even that I think is still a long way away (plus not sure how that would affect live performances). Either way, at this point there’s still much to do to produce a track to commercial standards even if using AI.

I also totally agree that we shouldn’t complain about it becoming easier to produce a song. It’s just different now. Technology always advances. We never used to have DAWs to work in. They came out, advanced, and now they are the norm. But no one is complaining about that (at least I don’t think!).

Btw this wasn’t written by Chat GPT, I promise!

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(Asking AI) Please list the top-10, well-paying jobs that AI cannot accomplish. I don’t want lyrics, melodies or artwork, just a list of the jobs AI cannot do. It’s time to get the hell out of Dodge!


The key part of the video is “this is only the beginning.”

Like Noah said, this is the worst version we will ever see. It’s going to grow like a virus because AI will be doing the work.

Also, and Noah thought twice about it, of course AI will be able to predict the future.

However, it’s exciting! It really is. And it would be foolish not to try to incorporate these tools even just for fun while we look for other job opportunities.

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I think something big and completely different is going to happen in the future! Amazing content!!!

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses:

Heart on My Sleeve!

Have you been following that? Big news! The song was a huge, viral sensation claiming it was Drake and the Weekend but it was AI. It has been taken down by Universal Music Group and the controversy about AI and music is exploding!

Apparently they used “So-Vits-SVC-4.0” ( and everyone wants to get their hands on it, lol. However, it seem that So-Vits is in a bit of trouble, too. If you thought the copyright claims on YouTube and samples from Splice were bad you have seen nothing yet.

After doing a bit of searching I quickly learned there are literally hundreds of companies working to get their new AI products to market.

Some of the vocal plugins were: Eleven Labs, Vocify AI and Uber Duck. But new ones are coming out as I type this.

I don’t want to steal Drake’s voice or Taylor Swifts voice. I have no problem using AI to sing but I don’t think we are there yet.

The So-Vits sounds great. I heard Taylor Swift singing some guys song today and it sounded like Taylor Swift. But you can’t do that. I have an idea what might happen. There will be singers like Karra from Splice and Reid Stephan’s puppet YouTube channel who will let you use her voice for a price and a percentage but she’ll be on thousands of songs and you can see the problem.

That’s what I don’t like about Emvoice that Haterade featured in this video. You can buy Lucy for $50 but soon thousands of people will be making songs with Lucy’s voice. It will be worse than Vanilla Ice.

What’s next? Obviously companies, and most likely Emvoice will have a million ways to customize the voice. That sound a lot better on the surface. I won’t go further.

I doubt anyone is going to stop A! but their will be some regulations and many who frown on it. So what? I’d say tough luck it’s here to stay.

The problem for us is spending money on this stuff as better stuff comes out a week later. It’s just too much right now as we already deal with this from every plugin company.

Do any of you use Melodyne? It’s a pain in the ass but sounds much more natural than autotune.

I am going to write Melodyne and ask them when their new AI Melodyne is coming out. You gotta believe they are panicking right now, lol.

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IMO those are 2 different tools, not aiming at the same workflow. Melodyne is more post production on vocals recordings and correction tools, it gets powerful when your have the assistant version or above, can be cumbersome to use tho. Autotune is more for real time tracking and re-pitching vocals while recording and the “robotic” effect you can get out of it is still very praised but it can sound more subtle and natural as well, especially with the latest version.

A serious alternative to Melodyne is Synchroarts “Repitch”, “revoice pro” and “Vocalign”, not the cheapest software out there and same as for Melodyne, you’ll get the most out of it if you use the “Ultra” version or “Revoice Pro”, but the workflow seems much faster and user friendly than Melodyne. That said, Melodyne shines with some DAW integration.

So there’s tools for everyone and different needs in the end, and yes, agree that nothing is gonna stop AI but I see it as any other technology, only the ones who really nail it and keep being creative with such tools will get the most out of AI. My concern is more about the mass of “shit” music that’s gonna be made with it and the way it can potentially change listening habits over time, especially for the younger generation already trapped in speed listening and medias consuming as well as instant gratification and Internet recognition. But OK, I’m an old fart who’s still don’t understand why “K-Pop” music and bands exist :sweat_smile: :rofl:

To me, AI is maybe more scary in the trading, marketing and targeting consumers habits fields than arts since talented and creative artists will still stand out, whether they use AI or not.

I’m already using AI to generate my track art. Mid Journey is great for that stuff. It’s great for the structuring side of things too.
I disagree about sample packs. I think there will always be a place for them because I (personally) like looking through packs for sounds that I’m not specifically looking for… I guess you could have AI generate a sample pack that’s based on a type of sound or specific need. But the randomness of something that’s been made with a theme in mind by humans is still valuable IMO. You always come across that one little tiny sound in a loop that you can use.

At the end of the day, Music is based on feelings. And robots have no feelings, so they can’t convey that message properly.

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