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LFO Tool with Bluffmunkey

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Sonic Academy welcomes back renowned sound designer and gear head Bluffmunkey to take you through the sometimes misunderstood LFO Tool . Steve Duda’s ubiquitous sidechaining plugin can do so much more than just duck your volume. Here Bluffmunkey explains all the differing features from the multi filters to the using the envelope to create quantized steps for cool trance style gates. In the last tutorial, he takes us through some real world examples using LFO Tool to help shape your sound and help with your mixdowns.

Yes, thank you for that tutorial and for taking me a step further with this plugin.
Really helpful with a lot of useable ideas.

greetings from germany. :o)

Thanks Sonic/BluffMunkey for this tutorial, also excellent plugin. It would be good if it could have a side-chain path option, so that the LFOTool, when switched into the SC mode, will only respond to incoming sidechain signals, (unless I’ve missed that it is hidden in there somewhere), cheers

@Andybremner1, I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve that can’t already be done with graph shapes and routing, but if you use the note retrig function in the MIDI section you can make the envelopes respond to incoming midi notes.

Excellent tutorial. Thanks Bluffmunkey.

Good tutorial. Missing one explaining the midi triggering.
Easy to do in Studio One and recommended for SC.
Thank you.

Great tutorial, would you mind to clarify the MIDI cc option.

Thank you

Great plugin but for simple SC i prefer Volumeshaper by Cableguys.

Nice! So much more to this plug in than I had previously thought…

Awesome lesson!

Very good lesson!!!



SInce now i only use it as sidechain fx too. But now i can go further. Thank you

very informative, thanks!

just a note for your mac users (like me!) , the snapping to grid key command is option click (not control click). having said that i’m on an older version of LFO tool, not sure if its changed w the version u have…

Awesome Tutorial!!!

very good

thank you


Great, thanks for this!